RapydBlok 2021 – In Review

“We really appreciate all your support in 2021 and look forward to offering even more value in future, all the best wishes for 2022” – Gordon @RapydBlok

We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people that have supported us wholeheartedly. We can only hope to build stronger from this amazing baseline.

Some Stats for 2021

  • RapydBlok INSPECT Unique Hosts Scanned: 751
  • RapydBlok DISCOVER Unique Domains Scanned: 59

New Product Released in 2021 – you know it – RapydBlok DISCOVER

DISCOVER is a product released by RapydBlok.com, a free webapp, with commercial API, that can discover and report on SubDomains to assist with Attack Surface Management (ASM).

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