New Product Release – RapydBlok DISCOVER

RapydBlok is extremely proud to announce a new product called ‘RapydBlok DISCOVER’

{After rigorous testing, contemplation, planning and coffee…. the team have released a great product that can hopefully assist many to discover & secure their attack surface}

What is RapydBlok DISCOVER?

DISCOVER is a product released by, a free webapp, with commercial API, that can discover and report on SubDomains to assist with Attack Surface Management (ASM).

How can Subdomain Discovery help my business or organization?

  • Discover all SubDomains.
  • SubDomain Asset Identification.
  • SubDomain Attack Surface Mapping.
  • Find Hidden or Forgotten SubDomains.
  • Find valid (resolvable) subdomains via SubDomain Enumeration.

[Run a SCAN:]

What information is supplied?

  • Active SubDomains: List of active SubDomains found.
  • All SubDomains: List of all SubDomains found, sorted and duplicates removed.
  • SubDomain RAW data: Json output inline, via download and email.
  • Count: Count of Active/All SubDomains.


  • RapydBlok DISCOVER also offers an Authorized/Premium API for SubDomain enumeration. Inquire via email.


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