RapydBlok INSPECT Web App is Live

RapydBlok is proud to announce that the ‘RapydBlok INSPECT’ product is finished and in production!

After many cups of coffee, weeks of planning, development & fine tuning, the team have produced a free web app to audit TLS/SSL configurations.

What is RapydBlok INSPECT?

INSPECT is a free Web application that can audit & report on TLS/SSL ciphers & protocols for configuration issues, cryptographic flaws, vulnerabilities, HTTP security headers. INSPECT is built upon the foundations of the open source, testssl.sh toolset.

How can that help me?

– Most websites have SSL certificates to secure web traffic, INSPECT will review your SSL certificate and web server configuration for any related issues and display the full results.

Run a SCAN: inspect.rapydblok.com

What are the common issues found so far?

1: Just installing an SSL certificate is not enough to secure TLS/SSL, it needs to be configured correctly on the web server & some web admins are unaware of this.

2: Depreciated Protocols are configured, mainly TLS 1 & TLS1.1 are offered in configuration but actually depreciated. Min of TLS v1.2 and TLS 1.3 should be offered.

3: Using obsolete or old ciphers, for certificates often requires a review and Mozilla has some good recommendations on ciphers & client support.

4: Vulnerabilities, if old or obsolete Ciphers and Protocols are used, it can generally lead to vulnerabilities being available for that host.

5: Securing only with TLS1.3, doesn’t allow for all web clients to connect, especially older ones but most importantly Internet Explorer users cant connect.

6: Host scanned multiple times, hosts are being scanned around 3 times on average, as configuration changes are done in small stages, and confirmed correct via re-scans.


Results page screenshots;


RapydBlok INSPECT Audit SSL

RapydBlok INSPECT Audit SSL

RapydBlok INSPECT Audit SSL

RapydBlok INSPECT Audit SSL

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